‘Starfield’ Developer Bethesda Has Good And Bad News For Fans


  • “Starfield” was announced at the E3 2018
  • Since then Bethesda has not yet released a major update about the game
  • Bethesda’s Todd Howard recently offered fresh details about “Starfield”

Bethesda’s Todd Howard offered a new set of official details about the much-awaited space exploration title “Starfield,” which could be good and bad news for fans. 

In an interview with James Batchelor of GamesIndustry.biz at this year’s Develop: Brighton conference, Todd Howard shared some fresh details about “Starfield”, which is the space exploration title currently in development at Bethesda Studios.

The director and executive producer at Bethesda Studios confirmed the upcoming sci-fi game would be a single-player experience. He also said since the game would be a first-party release, it would be available on Game Pass on day one.

Additionally, the executive mentioned “Starfield’s” game map would be the biggest the studio has made. To put it into perspective,

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