Washington’s ‘oldest’ house started out in Massachusetts

The Burke Historical Society website posted an article in May by the society’s vice president, Brian Slawski. It says: “Mr. and Mrs. George M. Morris had found their dream D.C. home — in Danvers, Massachusetts. There, Robert ‘King’ Hooper had built his stately home, ‘The Lindens,’ in 1754, and it was the Morrises’ will that the house be dismantled, shipped by boxcar, and rebuilt for them in Kalorama. From 1935 to 1937, Walter Macomber made it happen.”

Would you be able to say where this house is, or anything else about it?

Carol Van Gilst,

West Springfield, Va.

Answer Man can say quite a bit about it. But first, why is Walter Mayo Macomber mentioned on the website of the Burke Historical Society? It’s because Macomber (1894-1987), a Massachusetts-born architect who specialized in the painstaking renovation of historic houses, lived in Burke, Va., with his wife, Marion Hunter

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Why The Bitcoin Bull Run Could Be Just Getting Started

Bitcoin has exploded over the last month, adding almost 50% to its price and eliciting jubilation from the long-suffering cryptocurrency community.

The bitcoin price, still some way off its all-time high of around $20,000 per bitcoin, has climbed through 2020, coming within touching distance of $16,000 this week after falling under $4,000 in March.

Despite bitcoin’s mammoth rally, mainstream interest in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies has failed to return to the same degree as at the height of bitcoin mania in late 2017—and may mean the latest bitcoin price surge still has a long way to run.

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Interest in bitcoin, as measured by Google search

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AOC has started a Twitch channel to stream Among Us and ‘get out the vote’


Someone’s happy with her League of Legends ranking. 

Getty Images

US Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is using video games in an attempt to inspire people to vote. Strange times call for strange tactics.

“Anyone want to play Among Us with me on Twitch to get the vote?” The congresswoman asked on Twitter. She hasn’t played the game before, she added.

Among Us is a smart choice. A social-deduction game, Among Us is basically an online version of the party game Mafia. Set on a spaceship, one or two players are “imposters” attempting to sabotage a

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Computer Programming Basics – Getting Started the Easy Way

A computer program is made up of a chain of instructions a computer has to perform. These instructions may come with other important data that’s needed to carry out those instructions. Hence, the process of programming involves the defining of the instructions and the data. For you to come up with data for your computer, you should be familiar with computer programming basics and the datas three fundamental elements:

1. Instructions that need to be carried out.

2. Order in which the instructions are to be carried out.

3. Data needed to do the instructions.

The first stage of computer programming basically involves paper processes. In this phase, you don’t even need to work using a computer, however if you use a word processor that will enable you to write your work to a disk file rather than in a piece of paper. You need to do this so you … Read More