Despite The Negative Repercussions Of The Covid-19 Crisis, Entrepreneurs In The UAE’s F&B Sector Are Stepping Up To Challenge The Status Quo

When exploring the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on small businesses, the topics of advanced technologies and changing consumer preferences seem unavoidable.

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Mohammed Bin Sulaiman, Senior Manager, Business Relations, Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, confirms that the two features are common within the ongoing transformation of the UAE’s food and beverage sector. “Smart solutions such as convenient delivery apps and contactless menus and payments are now becoming the new norm, complementing the traditional restaurant experience and creating value for industry players and customers alike,” he adds. “Food businesses in the UAE are now rethinking their business models, and focusing their efforts on adapting to new market conditions and innovating, as they plan ahead for the post-COVID recovery. This is a positive development that will raise industry standards, create new business opportunities, and drive sustainable growth. The COVID-19 crisis pushed food businesses to explore non-traditional markets, and this

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