Kubernetes will deliver the app store experience for enterprise software, says Weaveworks CEO

Commentary: Google Cloud, Red Hat, and now AWS are serving up Kubernetes in a way that will make it dramatically easier to deploy and consume enterprise software, says the CEO of Weaveworks.


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As consumers, we’re used to getting and installing apps via Apple’s App Store or Google Play. As enterprise buyers, we undergo Dante’s nine circles of hell just to get garbage cobbled together by an overpriced systems integrator. Or we used to, until Kubernetes came along.

Talking to Alexis Richardson, CEO of Weaveworks, which popularized GitOps, a new way to operate and manage Kubernetes in production. The reason enterprises have missed the “app store moment” is because “everybody’s infrastructure has been different for so long.” He went on, “Containers are the way to solve that problem because they provide the next level of abstraction to encapsulate applications.” Containers come close to this app store

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K Hub shopper shares first look of new Bairnsdale store after Kmart Australia convert Target Country

A shopper has shared a first look inside one of the new ‘K Hub’ stores after Kmart Australia converted struggling Target country outlets.

Eliza Reid, visited the outlet in Bairnsdale in Gippsland, east of Melbourne, which opened a week ago, to see how the smaller store compared to the standard Kmarts.

The 28-year-old – who runs Bargain Homewares on Instagram – filmed a tour of the store showing the popular aisles such as homeware and décor, clothing and accessories, toiletries, laundry, storage, stationary, shoes and kitchen appliances.

But she noticed there were a couple of key categories missing from the store.

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Eliza Reid, from Gippsland in rural Victoria, visited the Bairnsdale outlet, which opened a week ago

A shopper has shared a first look inside one of the new ‘K Hub’ stores after Kmart converted struggling Target Country outlets into a one-stop shop (picture of the new Bairnsdale store)

Eliza Reid (pictured), from Gippsland in rural Victoria, visited the Bairnsdale outlet, which opened a week ago, to see how the smaller store compared to the standard Kmart

Eliza Reid (pictured), from Gippsland in rural Victoria, visited the Bairnsdale outlet, which

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Large European Pet Store Selects Bridgeline’s Celebros Search Solution to Power Their eCommerce Website

WOBURN, Mass., Nov. 24, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Bridgeline Digital, Inc. (NASDAQ: BLIN), a provider of cloud-based AI search solution, has announced a large European pet store has selected Celebros Search as their site search and conversion solution for their online store.

The company, headquartered in Ireland, ships products worldwide and recently revamped their website, integrating four smaller online stores into one single online presence. After revamping their online store they also needed to upgrade their online search. They selected Celebros after a brief trial that demonstrated its power and capabilities to increase conversions and improve the customer experience.

Celebros search offers Natural Language Processing (NLP) with machine learning and AI capabilities. This type of intelligent search understands user behavior to provide customers with accurate and relevant results and recommendations. In addition, Celebros Search offers many added features that help companies grow their online revenue by increasing average order value

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Hope For Fortnite Gamers As Developer Launches App Store Bypass Software

Gamers are now able to play previously-unavailable titles on Apple devices after developers launched software that bypasses the App Store and allows users to access PC games on the Safari browser, paving the way for Fortnite to return to iPhones.

Apple pulled the wildly popular open-world game from its online store in mid-August after developer Epic Games released an update that dodges revenue sharing with the iPhone maker, and the companies are locked in a legal battle.

Now Silicon Valley tech firm Nvidia has developed a version of its GEForce Now cloud gaming service that runs on Apple’s browser.

“GeForce NOW is streaming on iOS Safari, in beta, starting today,” Nvidia said in a blog post on Thursday.

“That means more than 5 million GeForce NOW members can now access the latest experience by launching Safari from iPhone or iPad.”

Apple pulled Fortnite from its App Store on August 13 Apple pulled Fortnite from its App Store on August 13

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Park Seo-Joon sees more in store for his acting career

Park Seo-Joon sees more in store for his acting career

Ratziel San Juan (Philstar.com) – November 17, 2020 – 7:48pm

MANILA, Philippines — Korean leading man Park Seo-Joon disagrees that he has achieved almost everything in his career, still considering himself a rookie when it comes to show business.

“I don’t think it’s a thing yet. There are a lot of roles I still want to play and I think my age is young as an actor if I can act as my age right now,” the screen actor told Philstar.com via an exclusive interview courtesy of BYS Cosmetics.

Seo Joon said there’s still a lot left for him to experience, acting-wise, as he ages.

“If I were in my 40s or 50s and if I continue to be an actor, the range of roles and stories I can express will be very different. I don’t know the peak

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Fan-made browser that enables Stadia on iOS is back on the App Store

Stadium is available for download on the Apple App Store again. The free fan-made browser gives you a way to play Stadia, Google’s cloud gaming service, on iPhones and iPads and was first released back in September. Unfortunately, Apple pulled the app down in October, telling developer Zach Knox that it’s because Stadium uses “public APIs in a manner not prescribed by Apple.” Now that Knox has found a solution to that problem, the tech giant has given Stadium 1.2 its stamp of approval.

a close up of a hand: Businessman playing mobile app video game on smart phone, close up of male hands

Businessman playing mobile app video game on smart phone, close up of male hands

Apple revised its App Store guidelines a couple of months ago in a way that would allow game streaming services such as Google Stadia and Microsoft’s xCloud to run on iOS devices. (Not perfectly — you’d have to download each game individually, which kinda defeats the purpose of having a cloud gaming

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What Does the Near-Term Have in Store for Micron? Analyst Weighs In

Semiconductor stocks have been on a tear in 2020, but the same cannot be said about one of the sector’s heavyweights – Micron (MU).

Hampered by a series of negative macro events and the loss of a big chunk of revenue due to the recent ban on Huawei, the company has suffered at the hands of Mr. Market and has been struggling to swing into the green in 2020.

However, despite the company issuing soft estimates, the stock has mostly trended upwards since late September when Micron delivered strong FQ4 results.

So, is the trend likely to continue?

Based on competitor SK Hynix’ latest quarterly results, recent commentary from Samsung and semi cap equipment providers, Raymond James analyst Chris Caso has been assessing what the near term has in store for Micron.

“The commentary generally aligns with our thesis for a rebound in DRAM next year, with a

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Apple Online Store Down Ahead of iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro Max, and HomePod mini Pre-Orders

Apple’s online store is down ahead of pre-orders for iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro Max, and the HomePod mini, which are set to begin at 5:00 a.m. Pacific Time in the United States.

“You’re… early,” reads the Apple Store message when attempting to visit the U.S. website. “Pre-order begins at 5:00 a.m. PDT. Enjoy the extra sleep.” Apple used to do new device pre-orders at 12:01 a.m. Pacific Time, but since last year, has been holding iPhone pre-orders at 5:00 a.m.

The ‌‌iPhone 12‌‌ mini and 12 Pro Max are launching in more than 30 countries and regions around the world, and a full list of launch times can be found in our time zone guide.

Apple’s ‌‌iPhone 12‌‌ mini and 12 Pro Max models represent the most radical new form factors in Apple’s flagship smartphone lineup, and feature a full redesign with a flat-edged look that similar to

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Apple iPhone 12 release date is Oct. 23, what to expect at Apple Store

  • A new iPhone launch is usually synonymous with winding lines at the Apple Store, but the company is implementing some new measures in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Apple will be using a reservation system for stores that are open, should lines begin to form.
  • That means customers waiting in line may be asked to return at a specified time to make their purchase.
  • Apple Stores that are temporarily closed will have an Express Storefront setup, where customers can pick up items ordered ahead of time without entering the store.
  • Apple’s iPhone 12 launch is expected to be one of its biggest product releases in years, and the company is preparing for an upgrade “supercycle.” 
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If this were any other year, the launch of the iPhone 12 would mean winding lines outside stores around the world as customers wait to become among the

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Apple expands ‘Express’ store plans ahead of iPhone 12 launch


Apple’s stores are changing amid the coronavirus.

Óscar Gutiérrez/CNET
For the most up-to-date news and information about the coronavirus pandemic, visit the WHO website.

Apple is expanding a new store design meant to help protect employees and shoppers ahead of an expected massive iPhone 12 launch. The new format, called “express,” puts plexiglass-protected sales counters in front with a wall of accessories and products behind them. Customers then schedule appointments to pick up orders or fix their devices.

The new design will likely help the tech giant navigate managing its stores during what’s expected to be a busy holiday shopping season. Apple, which has been testing the new design in some stores, didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment. Reuters earlier reported the news.

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Our in-depth review of the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro


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