7 Best Quarantine Kitchen Gadgets | The Strategist

Photo: Pixar

Cooking for a family has always been a balancing act. If you have younger kids, you try to prepare meals that don’t turn them off without dumbing down the flavors so much that adults can’t enjoy dinner, too. And as those kids get older, you’re often faced with sports practices, dance schedules, music lessons, and other extracurriculars that constantly run into dinner time — or spread it out over a multiple-hour period.

Before COVID, my husband and I, along with our 14- and 12-year-old boys, were settled into a very comfortable groove. Soccer schedules synched to a 7:30 dinner bell. Breakfast had morphed into fruit, cereal, and maybe a toasted bagel, and lunch would often be a slice of pizza or chicken over rice that they grabbed from a food truck close to their school. But when lockdown started,

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