Irish Premiership: BBC Sport NI to stream Linfield v Glentoran on 24 November

Linfield in action against Glentoran last December
Irish Premiership fans can look forward to next week’s Big Two contest on the BBC Sport website

The Irish Premiership game between Belfast rivals Linfield and Glentoran on Tuesday, 24 November will be streamed live on the BBC Sport website.

If the clubs remain in the current positions, it will be top versus bottom with champions Linfield heading the table and the Glens yet to earn a win.

Linfield’s game at Warrenpoint on 28 November will also be streamed.

Next month’s four BBC streamed games will start with Dungannon Swifts’ contest with Coleraine on 4 December.

The match between Linfield and Cliftonville will be on the BBC Sport website the following evening while the next streamed games after that will be Carrick Rangers v Crusaders on Friday 18 December and Cliftonville v Coleraine on Saturday, 19 December.

The two live TV games on BBC Northern Ireland during December already announced

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Agora Data Launches Live Stream BHPH Industry Ticker on NABD Website

ARLINGTON, Texas, Oct. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Agora Data, Inc., a financial solution provider empowering Buy Here-Pay Here dealers and lenders with predictive loan technology, is pleased to announced the launch of its real-time secondary market transaction ticker in partnership with the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association. The ticker can be found on the National Alliance of Buy Here-Pay Here Dealers website at NIADA acquired NABD’s assets and operations in December 2017.

Agora’s live stream ticker for BHPH uses actual industry data, highlighting real activity and supporting portfolio metrics reflecting market transactions occurring on Agora’s proprietary platform. All of that data and market insight information is rendered into an easy-to-understand display similar to other public financial exchanges.

“NIADA/NABD is a powerhouse in the auto industry and the perfect partner to help launch this innovative reporting technology to be used by the dealer and financial community,” Agora Data

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Garland cancels Christmas tree lighting, to stream holiday programming instead

With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic seeing a resurgence in cases, Garland has announced that it will not hold a public event for its annual Christmas on the Square Tree Lighting Ceremony.

The decision was made “out of an abundance of caution,” according to an announcement from the city. The Christmas on the Square lighting event usually involves children’s choirs and other festivities, including the lighting of around 100,000 Christmas lights.

However, that does not mean the holiday season has been called off in the city.

“Garland is open this holiday season, so come on down to enjoy the lights at our Downtown Garland Square,” a statement from the city noted, adding that visitors could still “dine in our restaurants and shop for those last-minute holiday gifts.”

In this file photo, Pink Rainbow donuts from Top Pot at the Dallas Donut Fest at Four Corners Brewing Company in Dallas on Sunday March 31, 2019.

To celebrate the Christmas season, Garland officials have announced plans to stream virtual programs on three separate evenings.

“While we cannot gather together to

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Can’t Decide What to Stream? Netflix Is Testing a TV Channel of Scheduled Programming

One of the biggest complaints thrown at Netflix is that its non-curated library can be a nightmare from which to choose a film or television series to stream. It’s safe to assume a majority of Netflix subscribers have at least once found themselves endlessly scrolling while figuring out what on earth they want to watch. Filmmaker Christian Petzold said last month he “hates” Netflix because the lack of curation gives him “a headache.” Well, Netflix is finally getting into the curation business with Direct, a new linear channel made up of scheduled programming featuring international and U.S. feature films and TV series available on the platform.

With Direct, Netflix is heading into “real-time, scheduled programming” for the first time in its history. The linear channel will only be available to subscribers and is getting a test trial this month in France only. Direct is the equivalent of a Netflix television

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SpaceX will stream potentially fireworks-filled Starship test flight


SpaceX assembled the shiny pieces of its planned Starship orbital prototype in late 2019. This wasn’t a launch-ready version, but it shows what the spacecraft will probably look like when it’s finally ready for testing.


The latest prototype of Elon Musk’s planned Mars rocket has been coming together at the SpaceX development facility in Boca Chica, Texas. SN8 looks more like an actual rocket than previous iterations, and it could be the first to make an actual high altitude flight, though Musk has been quick to lower expectations.

Previous versions have managed a few short “hops” of nearly 500 feet (150 meters) in altitude before making controlled landings not far from where they lifted off. Now Musk hopes to fly SN8 to over 9 miles (15 kilometers) high, but he also isn’t guaranteeing it’ll make it far off the launchpad.

“A RUD (rapid unscheduled disassembly, AKA an explosion) right

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Follow-up: After AOC’s Twitch stream, ‘Among Us’ hit with massive pro-Trump spam attack

Among Us, the viral hit PC and mobile murder mystery game, has come under attack from a particularly vicious spambot. Starting on Thursday evening, hundreds of players in private matches found their in-game chats had been hijacked to broadcast new messages, primarily pro-Donald Trump slogans and demands that users subscribe to a YouTube channel called “Eris Loris.”

InnerSloth, the three-person Redmond, Wash.-based indie studio behind Among Us, is currently working to fight the hack. This included an emergency server update on Thursday night, and efforts are continuing at time of writing. For the time being, InnerSloth officially recommends that Among Us players stick to private sessions or matches with friends.

The pro-Trump spam attack comes two days after Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s record-breaking Among Us stream, where

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AOC’s debut Twitch stream is one of the biggest ever

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) made her Twitch debut tonight to play Among Us and encourage viewers to vote. She also, very quickly, became one of the platform’s biggest broadcasters: her stream peaked at 435,000 viewers around the time of her first match, according to Twitch. (The stream is still going as of this writing, but it had dipped to around 350,000 viewers after about two hours of playing.)

graphical user interface: Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez reacts to being chosen to be an imposter during her first live-streamed round of Among Us, moments after saying she hoped not to be picked as an imposter.

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez reacts to being chosen to be an imposter during her first live-streamed round of Among Us, moments after saying she hoped not to be picked as an imposter.

That peak viewership puts her broadcast among the 20 biggest streams ever, according to the third-party metrics site TwitchTracker, and much higher if you’re only looking at broadcasts from individual streamers. Ninja holds the record for an individual streamer, with more than 600,000 viewers during a Fortnite match with Drake in

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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez put up ridiculous numbers on her Twitch stream, hitting more than 400,000 viewers

graphical user interface: Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez plays the video game Among Us during a live stream on Twitch with fellow Rep. Ilhan Omar. Twitch

© Twitch
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez plays the video game Among Us during a live stream on Twitch with fellow Rep. Ilhan Omar. Twitch

  • Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez brought a massive viewership of more than 400,000 people at once watching her play the video game Among Us on Twitch.
  • The congresswoman from New York hopped on the video game streaming site late Tuesday night and was joined by fellow Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota.
  • AOC’s stream generated buzz on social media when she was revealed to be “the impostor” in the deductive reasoning game.
  • Ocasio-Cortez began streaming on Twitch to get out the vote, inviting celebrities to sign on with her in a more casual setting.
  • Her peak of somewhere over 438,000 viewers put her just out of the top five for most concurrent views on Twitch in its history, with her peak edging out NASA for the sixth spot.
  • Visit
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AOC has started a Twitch channel to stream Among Us and ‘get out the vote’


Someone’s happy with her League of Legends ranking. 

Getty Images

US Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is using video games in an attempt to inspire people to vote. Strange times call for strange tactics.

“Anyone want to play Among Us with me on Twitch to get the vote?” The congresswoman asked on Twitter. She hasn’t played the game before, she added.

Among Us is a smart choice. A social-deduction game, Among Us is basically an online version of the party game Mafia. Set on a spaceship, one or two players are “imposters” attempting to sabotage a

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Microsoft’s new Xbox iOS app now lets you stream Xbox One games to your iPhone or iPad

Microsoft’s Xbox app update for iOS and iPadOS is now live, allowing Xbox One owners to stream games to their devices. A new Xbox app is available in the App Store that includes a remote play feature, which lets Xbox One console owners stream their games to an iPhone or iPad.

© Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Remote play is different to Microsoft’s xCloud service, which streams games directly from servers instead of your own Xbox One console. This Xbox remote play feature will only connect to your own Xbox console, not to xCloud. It’s similar to Sony’s own PS4 Remote Play feature that’s also available on Android and iOS.

This app also supports the ability to access an Xbox console over Wi-Fi, or even an LTE or 5G connection, too. The Xbox app will let you take control of your home Xbox, and you can also remotely

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