Farmers urged to install micro irrigation gadgets with subsidy to save water

District Collector V. Vishnu has urged small and the marginal farmers to install micro irrigation equipment in their fields with the subsidy being given by the Central Government as the district has received ₹10.68 crore as grant from the Union Government.

Addressing the farmers’ grievance redressal meet held remotely on Friday, Mr. Vishnu said the small and marginal farmers would get 100% subsidy for installing micro irrigation gadgets like dripper, sprinkler etc. while others would be given 75% grant for this purpose as it would save a lot of water while ensuring better yield. As the district had received ₹10.68 crore for installing micro irrigation equipment on 2,500 hectares during this fiscal, the farmers should make use of this opportunity to have better yield in sugarcane, coconut, oil palm, groundnut, grams, cotton etc. while saving a lot of water.

Farmers could approach the Offices of Assistant Directors of Agriculture in

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