Xbox Series X And Series S Get Sudden Restock At Best Buy

Two new Xbox consoles, the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, are launching in a matter of weeks, but unless you’ve been exceptionally lucky, you may not have been able to secure a preorder yet. The Series X and Series S release November 10 for $500 and $300, respectively, and as of now, finding either in stock is near-impossible. That said, we’re tracking console availability below along with all the major listings.

Where to preorder the Xbox Series X and Series S

We’re starting to see restocks today at Best Buy for both the Series X and Series S. Both are popping in and out, so you’ll need to refresh the page if it doesn’t show as available for you. Keep trying–you may get lucky.

Preorder Xbox Series X:

Preorder Xbox Series S:

Xbox Series X/S bundles

Preorder Xbox Wireless Controllers

The new Xbox Wireless Controllers releasing alongside the

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