TXT, Seo Taiji, and K-Pop’s Record of Youth

TXT’s breezy b-side track “We Lost The Summer” begins with the sound of a ticking clock. Then, a sparkling marimba beat and a young voice breathily lamenting a season forfeited to time and circumstance. As the bright dancehall rhythm intensifies, so do the mournful sentiments of loss and longing. It’s a song wrapped in shiny cellophane, the color of cotton candy—the taste of bitter lemon piths. For many teens, including the members of K-pop group TOMORROW X TOGETHER, that’s the reality of 2020; time ticks away, and yet we’re caught in an endless state of staticity, or an “eternal winter,” as TXT sings on the aptly titled pop tune from their new EP Minisode1: Blue Hour.

Tomorrow X Together, whose members range in international age from 18 to 21, have captured the complicated and oftentimes confusing feelings of adolescence through their music since their debut in 2019. “Crown” is

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