The Advantages of a Desktop Computer

It used to be once upon a time that you never had a choice when it came to buying a computer; you just had to go for a large, bulky desktop model. Then the laptop was introduced but was unaffordable to buy for most people. However the laptop sells far more than a desktop today. This can pose a problem when thinking of buying a computer as you do not know which was is better suited for your needs.

Well with that in mind I have written this article to maybe shed some light on which is the best option from these two computers.

A desktop computer may look quite big and bulky but they are also a lot cheaper than a laptop but can often be a lot better performers. If you want to buy a good laptop you will be hard pressed to find one for under $500. … Read More

5 Reasons Why SMB’s Should Use SEO

As the owner of a small or medium-sized business, you may be under the impression that “SEO” (Search Engine Optimisation) is just a fancy marketing term for big businesses and corporations. And you’re not alone – in a recent survey, it was found that while 56% of small businesses have their own websites, only 28% think about SEO.

The importance of SEO in this day and age could not be more prevalent. Neglecting to apply SEO strategies to your website may be as crippling for your business as locking your front doors. So what does SEO do? In a world where most consumers use search engines to find nearby companies, SEO is the difference between being visible or invisible. Here are 5 reasons why SMB’s should use SEO today.

1) Traffic Boost

The traffic going to your website is driven mainly by search engines. Simply putting up a website is … Read More

Varies Ways to Create a Respect Income Online

Internet marketing is something a lot of people want to get into nowdays. This is because it is a proven method to getting extra money. Let's face it, in this economy, everyone needs extra money. You can get rid of all of your financial difficulties by getting into affiliate marketing.

There are multiple methods to making money online, and I'm going to go over a few of them.

Affiliate marketing is the first way, and it's the most simple. What you do is pick a few products that other people are selling, and advertise them for a commission. It's really easy to do, and can get you the extra pocket change you've been dreaming of.

The next method is writing an e-book (Stands for internet book). This method is the hardest as you have to actually make a product, and get its' name spread around the internet. I would recommend … Read More

A SEO Firm Can Get Traffic To Your Website

As communication takes on new dimensions the advertisers and consumers have moved from the traditional mediums of print and television to the comparatively new medium of World Wide Web. Now more and more businesses are being conducted online and the ever increasing number of internet users creates a need for methods and means to bring the advertisers website into focus. The specialized knowledge of ensuring a website ranks high on the search engines and tops the popularity list of users is available only with a competent SEO firm. A SEO firm can expertly analyze the needs of a website and enhance the strengths while eliminating the weakness of the website. Planned strategies are drawn by a SEO firm to ensure the online site achieves the maximum exposure among the users.

Search engine optimization or SEO as we know it is the process of implementing various strategies to ensure a high … Read More

Integrating WordPress Into PHP Scripts


Today, I had to use a custom PHP script that I created a while ago in a new WordPress application. Instead of developing a WordPress plugin to handle this existing code, I choose instead to use WordPress directly inside my script.

Using WordPress inside your script is a great option if you have a lot of custom PHP code.

When you have a large PHP code base from your previous development efforts. There are typically other libraries inside your code, such as Symfony, Zend Framework, Pear, etc, that you don’t want to take apart. You have working code and you want it to stay together.

In my case, I had created a form for data collection for a client. But this was no ordinary form. It had over 100 form variables. They were made up of text input, radio boxes, checkboxes, and textarea’s. I wanted to use this form … Read More

CakePHP Development – Best Open Source Framework for PHP Web Development

CakePHP is by far the best open source framework for PHP development as it offers a number of unique features that make web development easy and enjoyable.

CakePHP is easily the best form of PHP for developing websites. PHP is a very flexible coding language, but at times it is the very PHP that leads to haphazard and untidy programming. The friendly PHP community and flexibility make web development using PHP fulfilling experience, but when programmers insert files and codes from diverse sources in the PHP code, things can get a little messy. PHP in the right hands is an excellent tool; PHP, in inexperienced hands, can create a lot of trouble.

PHP is an evolving language and, with the passage of time, new positive changes constantly increasing the utility value of PHP. There are numerous frameworks in the market; these frameworks add value to PHP, make it possible to … Read More

New Year Resolutions for Your Website

Well, it’s that time of year again, a time to look back and assess the strengths and weaknesses of your website and set goals for next year. With the ever increasing rise of internet popularity, 2008 will be as important as ever.

Get to Know your Customer

It’s time to learn more about who is visiting your site and what they are doing once they arrive. This information is essential for determining how well your website is performing. Installing Google Analytics is a great free and simple way to obtain information about your site visitors. Google Analytics provides information on:

• How many visitors came to your site

• The amount of time your visitors spent on the site

• Number of pages viewed

• Bounce rate(aka how many people left your site immediately after they arrive)

Optimize your Site for Search Engine Consumption

Your sites ability to be found … Read More

3 Tips to Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization was one of the nets most important methods of marketing in recent years, although its popularity has been declining due to the large amounts of scam SEO’s that have been running on the internet. In order to make your site more visible online and move it to the front of the lines on search engine result pages, there are many companies that offer services for quick search engine optimization. It is useful for you to use a quick search engine optimization service, as an SEO can provide much valuable aid, but below are a few tips as to how to select an SEO to make sure you get what you pay for, rather than a scam:

1. Do a little research. Take a look around and don’t go with the first SEO on the market. It is important for you to know the services that are out … Read More

Incredible Journey – Internet Marketing

The idea of this incredible journey is to provide value for your clients, in exchange for this value you can develop your internet marketing business. Both focusing on the idea of generating profit, automation and more freedom for you and your business. The key here is to find a system that has been done, is still working, and can be explained and instituted in a simple procedure. The speed at which this will happen for you can be influenced by your knowledge of the internet and your commitment to this journey. Even if your starting at the point of no experience what so ever, have no idea what to do, you can be online, generating leads, making sales and profit. It requires that you work hard, increase your knowledge, and stay focused on the prize.

One of the first things a new marketer needs to do is determine the lifestyle … Read More