A Teenage Mark Zuckerberg Turned Down an Offer From His Dad. It’s Why Facebook Exists Today

Before Mark Zuckerbergleft for college in 2002, his father offered him a choice: He could either have a Harvard education, or else his father would purchase a McDonald’s franchise for him to run, according to a report at CNBC.com. The franchise would likely have provided many years or perhaps a lifetime of steady income. Today, franchise owners typically earn& $90,000 a year or more, CNBC.com says. [Disclosure: I’m a CNBC.com contributor.]

Each of the four Zuckerberg children got the same offer from their Dad, who was a dentist, Mark’s sister Randi Zuckerberg recalled in a CNBC interview. It was, in effect, a choice to either get an education and make their own way in the world, or follow an easier path and be set for life.

If someone had made me that offer before I went of to college, I have to admit, I’d probably have taken it.

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