Phone and internet customers reveal debt trouble with telco companies during pandemic

Phone and internet customers say they are being disconnected, harassed by debt collectors and generally treated harshly by their telco providers when they need help, negatively impacting mental health.

The Consumer Action Law Centre has released a report detailing stories of people struggling to pay their phone and internet bills, with some fearing homelessness due to losing their job during the pandemic.

Despite a federal moratorium on evictions and banks allowing mortgage repayments to be deferred during the pandemic, debt collectors have continued to contact telco customers demanding repayments.

James* was one of those customers.

The 23-year-old lives in Melbourne and identifies as Aboriginal. He’s studying for a Cert III and receives JobSeeker and the Mobility Allowance for his disability.

He was contacted by debt collectors for multiple debts, including for a buy-now-pay-later purchase, a payday loan, a consumer lease and a Telstra debt of nearly $3,000 from three years

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Model in Park Seo-joon telco ad catches Filipino K-drama fans’ attention: ‘Sana all’

Park Seo-joon (left) and model May Myat Noe (Images: Facebook/Smart Communications, Inc., May Myat Noe)

After the release of Park Seo-joon’s recent ad for a telecommunications company, many of his Filipino fans could not help but envy his partner in the video.

One K-drama fan (@TheSarangheOppa) even joked that she needed to find out the woman’s name for her thesis, as seen on her Twitter page on Oct. 28.

“Need lang para sa thesis, che-check ko lang kung pang-ilan s’ya sa pila. [Thanks],” she said alongside a screenshot of the woman in the Smart Communications ad.

([I] just need it for my thesis, I will just check where she is in the line.)

A fellow fan (@allaboutNaxYa) quickly replied

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Couple names baby Twifia after Swiss telco to get free internet for 18 years

a person lying on a bed: Couple names baby Twifia after Swiss telco to get free internet for 18 years

© Jagyaseni Biswas
Couple names baby Twifia after Swiss telco to get free internet for 18 years

A swiss couple has reportedly named their baby daughter after a telecom company to avail free internet services for 18 years.

The couple named their baby daughter Twifia, after telecom company Twifi, which had put up an advertisement promising 18 years of free internet service to anyone who would name their child after them.

The Swiss internet provider had said free service would be provided to any family that would name its newborn Twifius if it is a boy and Twifia if it is a girl. The free service would be provided until the child comes of age, i.e., 18 years old.

To avail the free internet service, the parents of the newborn named after the Swiss telecom company will have to upload a copy of the birth certificate on the Twifi’s official

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