10 Tell-Tale Signs Of A Quality Website

Websites are launched by a gazillion website development companies every second. However, you visit only those that appeal to you functionally and aesthetically. Now, this preference is a function of several parameters, of which 10 are listed below.

1. The website resonates with you – the target audience

A quality website speaks to you in your language. The most successful websites stay away from corporate gobbledygook, and eliminate the fluff like it was plague.

2. It communicates a compelling value proposition

When you arrive on a website, its homepage should compel you to stick around. It’s the best place that a business can make an impression on you with its value proposition so that you don’t ditch it for its competitor’s website. All web design companies should take note of this.

3. Optimised for mobile devices

User centered design is not just a buzzword. It is meant to be practiced. … Read More