C# designer Torgersen: Why the programming language is still so popular and where it’s going next

C# has been instrumental in setting technical benchmarks for the developer landscape since its creation in 2000. Lead designer Mads Torgersen shares the secrets of its success with TechRepublic.


Mads Torgersen, lead designer for C# at Microsoft.

Image: Microsoft

Two decades after its creation, C# continues to be one of the most popular and widely used programming languages in the world. Favored by millions for its versatility and easy-to-read syntax, the programming language has quickly become a go-to for web and mobile apps, game development, business applications and more.

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While it shares a close heritage with Java – originally being designed as a rival to the programming language developed at Sun Microsystems (now Oracle) in 1996 – C# has evolved largely along its own path since its beginnings in 2001, not least thanks to extensive support from Microsoft.

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