Website offering $2,500 to watch 25 holiday movies in 25 days

Need a little extra Christmas cash?

The website is offering up $2,500 to watch 25 holiday movies in 25 days and fill out a survey about each film. The role is called their Chief Holiday Cheermeister.

“Do you love all things holiday-related, like peppermint mochas, fully decorated homes and cuddling on the couch under a snowflake blanket while watching a holiday movie?” the site asks.


The lucky person selected will also get gift cards to streaming service subscriptions. The CHC will get a one-year subscription to seven streaming services: Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, Apple TV+, and Hallmark Movies Now.

Tim Allen with Paige Tamada as an Elf in a scene from the film ‘The Santa Clause’, 1994. (Walt Disney Pictures/Getty Images)

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Can’t wait for Park Seo Joon’s new movie? Here are 5 KDramas featuring the actor that you can watch instead!

Park Seo Joon is an extremely talented actor with an incredibly versatile range. Here are 5 dramas featuring the actor that you can watch while you wait for his upcoming film Dream.

Can’t wait for Park Seo Joon’s new movie? Here are 5 K Dramas featuring the actor that you can watch instead

Park Seo Joon is widely recognised as one of the finest actors to come out of the Korean entertainment industry. Park Seo Joon made his entertainment debut in 2011 when he appeared in the music video for Bang Yong-guk’s single I Remember. He then appeared in television dramas Dream High 2 (2012), Pots of Gold (2013), One Warm Word (2013) and A Witch’s Love (2014).

He’s currently working on his upcoming project, ‘Dream’ alongside songstress/actor IU. Dream is set to be directed by director Lee Byeong Heon and Park Seo Joon will be playing the role of

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What To Watch As High Court Takes On Computer Crime Law

Law360 (November 25, 2020, 7:12 PM EST) — A computer crime law whose scope has been hotly debated since it was passed in 1984 will have its moment in the limelight Monday, when the U.S. Supreme Court considers whether a Georgia police officer violated the law by abusing his access to an online government database.

The high court’s ruling in Van Buren v. United States is expected to resolve a circuit split over what it means for someone to “exceed authorized access” to a system under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. The decision will have an immediate impact on how both prosecutors and businesses apply the statute — which allows…

Stay ahead of the curve

In the legal profession, information is the key to success. You have to know what’s happening with clients, competitors, practice areas, and industries. Law360 provides the intelligence you need to remain an expert and

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Watch Former CIA Chief of Disguise Breaks Down Cold War Spy Gadgets | Wired Video | CNE |

[intense music]

Surveillance in Moscow

was the most difficult kind of surveillance

that we encountered around the world.

We didn’t have Paris rules or Buenos Aires rules.

There were no other rules except Moscow rules

because it was such a difficult place for us to work.

Hi, I’m Jonna Mendez,

I’m the former chief of disguise for the CIA.

Today I’m going to talk about some of the CIA’s gadgets

that we used during the Cold War.

I worked for the Office of Technical Service at the CIA.

We used to always think of it as CIA’s Q.

We were the gadget people.

Everything that we did in Moscow

had to be done clandestinely.

You couldn’t overtly go out and collect intelligence.

We all had surveillance 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

It didn’t matter where you were.

If you were in your apartment,

which would be in

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3 Top Software Stocks To Watch Before December 2020

Are These The Best Software Stocks To Buy For Future Growth?

Software stocks have been a promising investment theme in recent years. When we have big names like Adobe (ADBE Stock Report) and Salesforce (CRM Stock Report) leading the industry, we can safely assume that we are looking at the industry of the future. These top software stocks could be an easy choice for investors who do not want to spend too much time understanding the software business. 

But what if you want to learn more about the industry? You may be interested to learn what’s fuelling the growth of these top software stocks to watch. And who knows, you might be able to find something that tickles your fancy. The pandemic definitely accelerated the shift towards cloud computing as corporations geared up their spending. That played no small part in driving the revenue for these growth companies. As you

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Watch live tonight: SpaceX launching 60 Starlink internet satellites into orbit

SpaceX will launch 60 new Starlink internet satellites into orbit on a used Falcon 9 rocket tonight (Nov. 22) and you can watch it live online here, courtesy of SpaceX. Liftoff is set for 9:56 p.m. EST (0256 Nov. 23 GMT) from Space Launch Complex 40 (SLC-40) at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.

The Falcon 9 rocket on this flight is making its seventh flight to space in a milestone for SpaceX’s reusability effort. It launched the Telstar 18 VANTAGE satellite in September 2018, the Iridium-8 mission in January 2019 and four Starlink missions in May 2019, January of this, June and August.

This mission will be SpaceX’s 16th batch of Starlink satellites to fly in orbit. SpaceX’s webcast for the launch will begin about 15 minutes before liftoff (about 9:41 p.m. EST/0242 GMT). You can watch the launch in the window above or directly from SpaceX via

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Bike computer company launches new smart watch to track triathlons

Wahoo, the company best known for its bike computers and smart trainers, has finally launched its own watch.

a hand holding a knife

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The new Wahoo Element Rival puts it squarely up against competitors including Garmin, though it is specifically focused on tracking triathlon and races in particular.

It does so using what Wahoo calls its “touchless transition” technology which enables the watch to automatically detect when an athlete has moved between swimming, cycling and running and track them accordingly.

It costs £349.99, putting it at the upper end of many activity trackers but roughly in line with other watches that offer similar triathlon features. It is available now.

That – as well as tracking triathlons more generally – was the “pain point” from which the idea to launch a watch emerged, Wahoo’s chief executive Chip Hawkins told The Independent.

In practise, it means that once the watch is paired

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Showtime’s ‘Moonbase 8’ launches today and you can watch episode 1 for free

Showtime’s “Moonbase 8” launches John C. Reilly, Fred Armison, Tim Heidecker and more on a mock moon adventure. (Image credit: A24/Showtime)

If you enjoyed Netflix’s “Space Force,” you’re in for a treat. A new space comedy series about moon exploration will drop Sunday (Nov. 8), and you can watch the first episode for free.

The premiere episode of Showtime’s “Moonbase 8” will be available on streaming platforms and on demand starting at 12 a.m. EST (0500 GMT), Showtime said. The series timing is apt, as in real life, NASA and numerous international partners are pushing to have humans land on the moon’s south pole in 2024 as part of its long-term Artemis program.

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Image 1 of 6

John C. Reilly washes off a mock moon rover in Showtime's "Moonbase 8."

(Image credit: A24/Showtime)

Image 2 of 6

The crew of Moonbase 8 have color coded spacesuits, just like real astronauts.

(Image credit: A24/Showtime)

Image 3 of 6

Inside the habitat of Showtime's Moonbase 8.

(Image credit: A24/Showtime)

Image 4 of 6
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Why The Latest Apple Watch Update Is A Game-Changer

If you have an Apple Watch with cellular connectivity, and you have Spotify, well, you can now stream songs and podcasts directly when you’re far from a wi-fi network.

MORE FROM FORBESMove Over, AirPods: Beats Flex Headphones Are Seriously Good Value At $50

This is a big change, and one that many people have been waiting for and means that you can play Spotify in your Bluetooth headphones from your Watch, but you can leave your iPhone at home.

Until a few days ago, the Apple Watch could be the source of your Spotify library, but you still needed your iPhone nearby for this to work. Now, you can go running, for instance, without the need to carry your iPhone and still have Spotify to inspire you. That’s a game-changer on its own.

Spotify began testing

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WATCH: Unboxing the new Park Seo Jun x BYS makeup collection

WATCH: Unboxing the new Park Seo Jun x BYS makeup collection

( – November 3, 2020 – 11:57am

MANILA, Philippines — It’s the tail-end of 2020 and we’re still in the midst of a global pandemic.

To help you get in the holiday spirit, BYS Philippines, in partnership with Korean oppa Park Seo Jun, is releasing a beauty kit aiming to spark joy.

Early in October, the beauty brand introduced the K-drama leading man as its newest endorser — to be the brand’s cheerleader and encourage women “to be the extra in the ordinary.”

The collaboration makeup collection, called PSJ x BYS Philippines, is a beauty kit that includes the makeup brand’s Cream Cushion that comes with the V-Puff, a sponge that vibrates 12,000 times per minute. The vibrating V-Puff enables high adhesion, long-lasting coverage and transfer-proof staying power.

The Cream Cushion contains the Nobel-Prize winning ingredient, Epidermal Growth

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