Firm Co-Founded by Biden Cabinet Nominees Scrubs China Work from Website

A Washington, D.C. consulting firm co-founded by two of Joe Biden’s Cabinet nominees scrubbed references to its work in China from its website shortly after Biden won the Democratic nomination over the summer.

Avril Haines wearing a blue shirt: President-elect Joe Biden's nominee to be Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines speaks at his transition headquarters in Wilmington, Del., November 24, 2020.

© Joshua Roberts/Reuters
President-elect Joe Biden’s nominee to be Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines speaks at his transition headquarters in Wilmington, Del., November 24, 2020.

WestExec Advisors lists among its co-founders Anthony Blinken, Biden’s nominee for secretary of state, and Michèle Flournoy a former Pentagon official who is Biden’s nominee for secretary of defense. At least two more upcoming Biden administration executives have also worked for WestExec, incoming White House press secretary Jen Psaki and Avril Haines, a former WestExec principal and Biden’s nominee for director of national intelligence.

The firm, whose team consists of dozens of former high-level government officials, boasts of “bringing the Situation Room to the Board Room” and helping American institutions

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Supreme Court Could Soon Limit Employees’ Computer Access At Work

On Monday, the United States Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Van Buren v. United States, a criminal case about a federal antihacking law that could have far-reaching implications for workers’ rights.

The case centers around Nathan Van Buren, a former Georgia police sergeant who was convicted of felony computer fraud in violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA). Van Buren was accused of extracting a $6,000 payment to run a license plate search to find out whether a strip club dancer was actually an undercover officer.

An Atlanta federal judge ruled in October 2017 that Van Buren violated the CFAA when he accessed the Georgia Crime Information Center for an improper purpose. Two years later, the Eleventh Circuit Court

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Seattle Station KIRO 7 Embeds CareerBuilder Job Search on Website to Help Job Seekers Find Work Faster

SEATTLE, Dec. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — HR tech leader CareerBuilder and Seattle news station KIRO 7 are teaming up to spread awareness of local job openings, so that people who have lost work due to COVID-19 can find in-demand jobs in their area. KIRO 7 has embedded CareerBuilder’s job search on their website, and it is promoting the feature during its televised broadcast, calling viewers’ attention to the industries hiring right now and the postings available on CareerBuilder.  

“Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, KIRO 7 made a commitment to our viewers; in every newscast, we provide important and useful information on jobs and the economy,” said vice president and general manager of KIRO 7 Pat Nevin. “As Western Washington continues in our economic recovery, we will keep reporting on these vital issues. We are proud to partner with CareerBuilder to help inform our community of the hundreds

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I tried hacking my life with Instagram gadgets. Did it work? | Life and style

If, like me, you’ve been involuntarily participating in this wild ride people are calling “the pandemic”, you may have experienced the same embarrassing urge as I have. Which is to fill the wide, empty void in your life with things: gadgets, gizmos, subscriptions, speakers, a little brush for your facial hair. Buying stuff online is, simply put, something to do.

Thanks to mass online data harvesting, this new pandemic habit has already been widely monetized. It’s most noticeable on Instagram, where with every few scrolls we are hit with ads for products promising to change our lives, taking advantage of the fact that wherever you may be on the sliding scale of privilege, “life” is undeniably shit right now.

As lockdown continues, I’ve been targeted with ads for “face yoga”, a vibrating posture corrector, an app to improve my relationship, an app for intermittent fasting, and facial scrubs

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Working around Covid-19: the software suite helping businesses operate safely | The new rules of work

With this year’s ongoing disruption to working lives, business leaders have struggled to take stock of changing norms, changing attitudes and changing concerns.

But one enduring concern centres on workplace safety in the context of the global health pandemic. To better understand these concerns, ServiceNow recently commissioned The Work Survey, a global survey of 9,000 executives and employees. The report found that 60% of employees believed their company would prioritise business continuity over workplace safety and, even if a company put safety first, 46% of employees doubted their employer would take the necessary steps to ensure their safety.

These apprehensions were anticipated by ServiceNow, which is why at the beginning of the pandemic the company launched the Safe Workplace suite, a collection of apps that allay staff concerns by streamlining the complex health and safety logistics of reopening large business premises – issues that cut across departments such as HR,

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This Is Why Diversity Programming Doesn’t Work

Most employers would agree that it doesn’t make sense to knowingly and consciously allocate resources to training that is, at best, limited in its effectiveness and, at worst, divides employees and makes them resentful of one another. And yet, this happens with regularity across a wide range of corporations and institutions by way of traditional diversity training programs.

Research that has attempted to examine the effectiveness of such programming in creating a more equitable workplace has consistently found it to be disappointing or even counterproductive, making it clear that traditional diversity training needs an overhaul. This is the second of a two-part series examining what’s wrong and how it might be fixed.

The first installment covered the ways in which these programs often end up being divisive. This effect is partly due to an insistence that all interactions

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Why won’t my hotspot work? How to troubleshoot your phone’s mobile hotspot and provide an internet connection for other devices

a man sitting on a beach near a body of water: If your mobile hotspot isn't working, here's how you can try to fix it. Westend61/Getty Images

© Westend61/Getty Images
If your mobile hotspot isn’t working, here’s how you can try to fix it. Westend61/Getty Images

  • If your phone’s hotspot won’t work, there could be a number of different culprits causing the problem.
  • Most issues with a hotspot can be solved by troubleshooting at home — and if you have an Android instead of an iPhone, you have more options to fix the problem.
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Picture this: You’re out somewhere and you need to do some work on your laptop, but the Wi-Fi is unbearably slow. Normally, this wouldn’t be a problem — your cell phone gets good LTE service, you can just connect your computer to your phone’s mobile hotspot. But you try to connect to it and it won’t work. Why?

This is a question with many possible answers, and many of them also depend on what

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Lawyer SEO Expert Qamar Zaman Reveals 21 Law Firm Marketing Strategies That Really Work When Doing SEO for Lawyers

11/12/2020, Dallas // KISSPR //

Being an experienced and successful lawyer is not enough for you to reach people; find ways to reach your audience and help them discover law firms like yours when they are in need.

Let more people know that your law firm exists, about your successful practice and get your assistance. Reach millions, tell your story to them, generate leads, convert visitors to clients, and let your phone ring. But How? The answer is obvious, through ‘Law Firm Marketing!’ Ongoing law firm internet marketing could help you reach new clients and your goals quickly and easily!

Build Credibility and Authority with High Converting Website

Conduct a Competitor Analysis

Represent Your Brand with Creative & Engaging Digital Marketing Assets

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Rank on Top of Major Search Engines

Google My Business Listings (GMB) – Get on Google Directly!


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News Releases, Media Exposure, SEO and More Business–How Does It Really Work?

TAMPA BAY, Fla., Nov. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Public Relations may be hard to define or understand as it works in the realm of thought. In the end, you are changing minds—so the battlefield to conquer is the human mind.(1) This is hard to grasp for many executives and CMOs who are mired down in tactics, stats, and lead funnels. But if a key principle is underlying the entire foundation of these tactics, then it bears exploiting WHY. All stats, algorithms and methods bend to the will of a main tenet—it’s the size of your targeted exposure and the number of repetitions to it that determine your ROI. “Businesspeople should never underestimate the value of broad, targeted PR dissemination. When done correctly, you will generate more leads, more business, and a higher ROI for your marketing dollars,” said Karla Jo Helms, Chief Strategist and CEO of JoTo PR

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NYC Learning to Work: Critical student programming facing $10M in cuts

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — It has been a challenge for New York City public school students to adapt to a new way of learning amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) — but the obstacles brought on by the pandemic are even larger for those who may have dropped out of high school or fallen behind in credits to graduate.

And now programs that provide a lifeline to some of these students are facing $10 million in cuts — or 25% in cuts to their overall budget this year.

The Learning to Work initiative supports several programs across the city that address the education achievement gap by financing paid internships for students, as well as partnering with community-based organizations to offer support services, in-depth job readiness, and college and career exploration activities.

It supports and finances several programs that impact students citywide and on Staten Island, including Young Adult Borough Centers (YABCs) and

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