Ten Steps To Selecting The Perfect Website Keywords

The article is written as a quick guide for people new to search engine optimization and keyword selection. First to start, a keyword is a word of phrase searched by people on search engines. An example of a keyword for a dating website could be – "free dating website". Now I will go through the ten steps I use to get the right keywords to suit me website.

1.Look at your website content and break it down into one work. For a dating website this would be "dating".

2.Go to www.goodkeywords.com and download their free keyword selection tool.

3.Open good keywords and click on "keyword suggestions". When the new window open type in the word which best fits your website. A list of keyword will appear in the right hand section of the window. These are the possible keywords which we will be using for our website.

4.Copy the top keyword and search for it in Google search engine.

5.Click on the top link which appears for the search term. Look at the "PR" of the website. (PR is shorthand for page rank. This is a value given to websites for general popularity.) You can see this with the "Google Tool bar." Note down the pr of the website.

6.Repeat this for the top 10 results. If the page rank is over 5 for two of the websites leave that keyword and go onto the next in "Good Keywords". We are leaving this keyword because the competition for the best rating on Google is too high.

7.Do the above steps until you find 3 different keywords which do not have too much competition. Once
you have found 3 keywords move onto step 8.

8.Now it is time to analyze the websites at the top of the Google results. First look at the title of the website as it is displayed in Google and note down if it has the keyword within it, if not this is a good sign for us. Next click the website on top of the Google results for your first selected keyword then go to view at the top of your Internet browser and view page source. Search for "h1". If the search returns no results that is great news for us. If the search does return a result check the text within the h1 tags and take a note of whether the keyword is within it. The last step of analyzing the website is to check for alt image tags. Do another search while in page source for "alt". Keep searching through the alt tags on the page taking note of whether the keyword is in it. Take not of whether or not the keyword is within the tags.

9.Repeat step 9 for the top 5-10 results for each keyword. Taking notes as you go along.

10.If you find that the websites in the top 5 for a keyword are doing all of the tricks you looked for in step 8 leave the keyword and do the same steps for it until you find 3 keywords. These are the keywords you will be using for your website. Read up on how to optimize these keywords on your websites to gain the highest rankings on Google and other search engines. You can find ebooks and other SEO articles on my website for free webmaster resources. If you liked this article please sign up at the website.

Written by Michael Clarke – www.webmaster-files.com

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