The Advantage Of Submitting Your Website To Directories Over Search Engines

When it comes to traffic to your website the best traffic you can get is targeted traffic. By that we mean people who want to be on your website. They have found you through some form of marketing and have arrived in a curious state of mind.

One way to get traffic to your website is to submit your website URL to multiple directories. Both free directories and paid directories. This is known as a backlink and can bring you traffic for years to come.

In this article we will look at the advantages a directory submission that can give you over what you get from search engines.

The first largest advantage is time. To get a website or blog to the top of a major search like Google or Yahoo takes time and good search engine optimization practices. Depending on your skill level, that does not happen over night.

When you submit to a directory should submit with search engine optimization in mind. Optimizing your submission around the primary keyword for your website will get a search engine spidering your site faster than waiting for them to find you on your own.
When you submit you can do it personally meaning you type everything yourself or you can pay a service to do it.

As with many things on the internet it comes down to time and money. Which do you have more of? If you do it manually submit to the correct category that mirrors the theme of your website. Start by submitting to more well known directories that have a higher page rank according to Google.

When you view a directory as a backlink for search engine rankings instead of traffic you will be more willing to submit to a free directory and maybe a paid directory as well. This becomes a matter of budget. Doing a paid submission to a directory like Yahoo could pay off for you in terms of traffic and a quality backlink, but the cost of $ 299 scares many people off.

Submitting to free directories will give you a backlink that can help you regardless of the PR of the free directory. Remember things on the internet are always changing. A free directory with no PR today can have a PR4 in 3 months.

Ranking high on a search engine for keywords relating to the theme of your site is a worthy venture, but you have to view it as a long term project. Directory submissions to both free and paid directories will help you get to that point.