The Countries With the Least and Most Internet Freedom

Do Americans take their internet freedom for granted?

While the U.S. is one of the top 10 countries in the world for internet freedom, these freedoms have eroded in the past four years.

Federal, state, and local authorities in many cases responded in 2020 to nationwide protests for racial justice with intrusive surveillance, intimidation, and harassment, according to a report by Freedom House, a non-partisan, non profit organization that conducts research and advocacy on democracy, political freedom, and human rights. There were even some arrests for online activities.

Politicized disinformation, inflammatory content, and dangerous misinformation related to Covid-19, the November 2020 elections, and protests were other concerning issues in the U.S., the report on global internet freedom says.

Iceland remained the world’s best protector of internet freedom in 2020, according to the annual ranking by Freedom House. Users in Iceland enjoy near-universal connectivity, minimal restrictions on online content, and strong protections for their rights online.

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