The Dawn of a New Era – Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Nowadays, SEO has become a common and familiar term in the field of content writing in India and overseas. But soon SEO will be aptly replaced social media content writing or social media optimization. Social media optimization has been given birth by a new found innovative technology emerged from SEO.

Social Media Optimization (SMO) can be regarded as an advanced version of Search engine optimization or SEO. In simpler terms, SMO is the next advanced level of Internet Marketing which if combined with traditional SEO will surely reap a great success in your online business.

The best part about SMO is that you don’t have to remain anxious or curious about the ranking of the particular keyword phrase related to your product or services. With SMO, you will enter a new realm where you will be allowed to broaden the sphere of SEO content writing and promotion of your product that will automatically result in generating publicity for your introduced product or service.

Social media is a part of those websites where there exists a community in which we can share different forms of messages in types of texts, images, audio and video. Some of the popular social media websites include YouTube, Digg, Facebook, Delicious, and Revver. These websites can be used to plant your marketing message easily.

SMO works on simple principle of social media content writing that says the more you converse with the communities the more you are able to create awareness and spread the buzz. Such a simple participation in the community platforms and forums will help you in spreading your marketing message in a faster mode.

But SEO and SMO will go hand in hand as before starting off with your Social Media Optimization campaign, you have to get SEO of your website into full swing. Once you have the highest-ranking site for the targeted keywords using the web content and other content writing services, this means that you are ready for the next level of promotion and publicity via SMO. The mating of these two concepts is known as “A Slam-Dunk” in the SMO world or terminology. This type of marketing is just like a newfound friend which will help in putting you in front of your potential customers and targeted market without letting them know that it’s a marketing punch.

The reason behind the sure shot success of SMO is easy to comprehend as it helps in achieving multiple tasks at the same time, including creating and optimizing a rich content as well as popularizing the content to attain inbound links.


There are few steps that are considered as the processes involved in Social Media optimization:

Increase your linkability

In order to go for SMO of your website, it is necessary to enhance the content linkability. This can be done via adding a blog, creating white papers or by simply adding the content.

Use of tagging and bookmarking

Put quick buttons on your blogs so that if people liked it, they are able to save them on any social bookmarking websites being used. Your web pages must also have relevant tags and suggested notes for a link. Also, make sure that you get your web pages, including your Home Page to tag on popular social bookmarking sites.

Getting inbound links

Inbound links are must for getting higher search results and rankings. There is another way of increasing these links which is by listing recent linking blogs on your website as it offers more visibility to those who get linked to you.

Let your content travel

SMO unlike SEO is not mere bringing changes on your website but its much more than that. It is about making use of portable content in the form of PDFs, video files and audio files by submitting them onto relevant sites. It is called traveling of your content which will at the end collect links for your site.

Encouraging the mashups

It is all about sharing and distributing your blogs in the blog networks. Syndication of your content through RSS will provide direct links to the visitors who wish to subscribe.

If it is to be summarized, then we will say that SMO is a process that will let you:

Optimize your website or blog

Have more visibility in social media websites

Avail more links through other sites

Become a hot topic of online discussion in the blog posts and other social media forms.