The Drum Pump Market Report Discusses Intelligence and Forecast From 2017-2027

Table of Contents

By: Jessica Fiess-Hill

Industrialisation is a concept that is increasing in demand among developing and developed countries because of the growing oil and lubricant industries.� Oil, lubricant and other similar forms of liquids are stored in tanks, barrels and drums; therefore the issue of drum pumping is important in this arena.

Drum pump is a small, lightweight and portable solution for emptying the drums or tanks of these liquids.� This procedure is most suitable for drums containing diesel oil, engine oil, gasoline, hydraulic oil, vegetable oil, acid, alcohol, milk and other types of corrosive liquid transfer.

1.� Drum Pumps for Industrial Fluid Transfers

The majority of industrial fluids are heavy in weight once they have been transferred into a barrel or drum.� Ignoring the liquid outside of the barrel or drum, the manufacturer can utilise drum pumping as a means of gaining the liquid through tipping.� High demand has been generated for drum pumping by various industries because it is expected to be the best solution for emptying liquid from tanks; thereby, reducing the chance of wastage or spillage. Drum pump has also been reported to reduce the chance of worker accident or injury promoting its popularity among corporations.

Growth in demand for drum and barrel pumps in the industrial market is predicted to rise for various reasons.� One of the most significant factors is the contribution of drum pumping to industries working with milk, oil, chemical and lubricant liquids.� These industries important and export liquids in large containers; therefore, using large pumping systems will reduce shipping and transportation expenditure.

2.� Drum Pumps to Dispense Liquid

Large container industries tend to prefer drum pumping as a system for dispensing liquid as drum pumps allow for speedy transferring of liquids without any spillage.� This is why the drum pump market is growing in demand and there is a predicted positive movement in the industry.� It should also be noted that using drum pumps saves time, manpower and resources when dispensing liquids allowing flow control through the ball valve.� The demand for the drum pump market is estimated to show an above average level of growth for drum pumps in several industries.

On a global scale, the drum pump market can be divided according to the product, the type of material used and the type of application.� Typically product types would be categorised into the following within the drum pump market:

  • electric driven products
  • hydraulic products
  • manual or rotary products, and
  • pneumatic products

The material type category is typically divided into metal materials or plastic materials.� The plastic sub-section can be divided into the following:

The metal sub-section can be differentiated into the following groups:

  • stainless steel
  • aluminium
  • cast iron, and
  • other

When looking at the application of the product, a division into the further categories can be performed:

  • petroleum industry
  • food processing plants
  • chemical plants
  • automotive industry
  • manufacturing plants
  • laboratories
  • wastewater treatment plants

3.� The Drum Pump Market

The drum pump industry is applied on a global scale and can be segmented into:

  • Europe
  • Africa
  • Latin America
  • North America, and
  • Asia Pacific

North America is considered to be the largest predicted market for the drum pump industry.� This is due to the fact that North American industry is driven by manufacturer preference for drum pumping.� Manufacturers see drum pumping as an efficient and cost-effective means of transferring and dispensing different types of liquids.

Latin America has also been estimated as a good investment for drum pumping because of manufacturer interest.� Eastern Europe, closely followed by the Middle East, is predicted to be the second largest area for the drum pump market.� All the recent developments within this industry are now based in the East making Asia a particularly significant player in the drum pump field.� Emerging players include India, China and the Middle East.