The Internet Can’t Stop Fighting After Baby Yoda Ate Frog Lady’s Endangered Eggs on ‘The Mandalorian’

The Internet Can't Stop Fighting After Baby Yoda Ate Frog Lady's Endangered Eggs on 'The Mandalorian'

Published Nov 11, 2020

The Mandalorian is back with plenty more GIFable action sequences, but as of this week the internet is starting to turn on Baby Yoda. That’s because, in Season 2 Episode 2 of the show, the adorable little creature did a big-time no-no and started munching on some eggs belonging to a new character known as Frog Lady.

Yes, this is the kind of thing we are all writing about toward the end of 2020. And you’re reading it. But that’s because things just keep getting more ridiculous. In the most recent episode of the show, Din Djarin (a.k.a. Mando) is tasked with helping Frog Lady transport a vat of eggs to a faraway planet so they can be fertilized and keep her species from going extinct.

Unfortunately, the vat of eggs looks like a giant oversized bubble tea, which explains why The Child got his adorable little hands in there and gobbled up a whole bunch of eggs throughout the episode.

The egg-munching has had the internet totally divided, with some high-profile Star Wars fans claiming Baby Yoda was committing an act of genocide:

Still, other Star Wars obsessives have suggested it was a matter of poor child care that allowed Baby Yoda to gobble up all of those eggs:

The debate over the eggs has gotten so heated that a Lucasfilm executive decided to weigh in, assuring readers that the eggs were unfertilized and thus no different than if Baby Yoda were to enjoy the eggs from a chicken. This does mean, however, that Baby Yoda is not vegan.

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