The New Asus EEE Pad – Asus EEE Note EA800 (Coolest Gadget Around)

Those that were lucky enough to receive their copy of the this intelligent new device had a difficult time playing with the Chinese language version if they didn’t speak Chinese. But what they were able to figure out is this is going to be the hottest product around once it’s released to the rest of the world.

One person actually called this an eBook reader on steroids. Not only can you read books on this device like an Amazon Kindle, but the screen is touch sensitive, similar to the Apple iPad, but it does much more than that. It contains a camera, a recorder, it’s touch sensitive, plus you can write notes and draw on this just as if you had a pen and a paper. It’s very sensitive to the touch and will definitely change the way people take notes in the future.

Will this completely eliminate the standard pen and paper? I hardly doubt it, but this is definitely the wave of the future. Imagine after a hard day of class, you can go home and download your notes and audios of your professor in minutes. What if a friend of yours needed to a copy of your notes? No problem. You could simply email your notes to them by using your WiFi connection on your notepad.

So how will this device rate compared to other tech gadgets such as the Apple iPad? We will definitely know for sure once this is released on a large scale. I believe that this device may actually be the better device when comparing it to the iPad, but we eventually know soon.

By the time you read this the public will hopefully be able to buy their own copy of one of the greatest devices to be released in 2011 the Asus EEE Note EA800.