The Positioning Of Tablet Computer Will Influence Its Development

More and more personal computer manufacturers are concerned about the touch screen tablet computer, which makes the products hot again on the market. Some magnates are releasing their tablet computer one after another. These products attract so many customers quickly. It is known that the tablet computer is nothing new. But it is popular again with the development of technology nowdays. The pleasing shape and simple accessories of the device provide the customers with new experience. Removing the keyboard and mouse can avoid the complicated lines, which is an industrial revolution for the personal computer field.

It is predicated that the shipment of the device will reach five thousand seven hundred sets in the year of 2015, which is thirty times of nowdays'. Experts maintain that the rise of the tablet computer and E-Book will occupy the market share of the laptop computer which has the same function with them. The manufacturers of laptops will not ignore the market situation. They also begin to take action.

All the people can find that the advantages of tablet computer are very obvious and fashionable, such as the simple design and the practical touch screen. But some technical difficulties must be overcome; otherwise, these functions will not be useful. Although the Windows 7, which is the newest system of Microsoft, has added the special settings for touch screen, it still follows the traditional way in details. Namely, the finger can not touch some small area of ​​the screen. Absence of operation system is the largest technical difficulty of the tablet computer. The traditional computer is still the main business of Microsoft, so the development of the operation system only relates on Apple.

The price of the tablet computer is comparatively high, what is more, it does not have the clear value and positioning; therefore, to keep the popularity is very hard. Which device does it want to replace, cell phone or netbook? This is a question. The related integrated circuit is HD44795 .

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