The Secret to How Movie Stars Look Great on the Big Screen

If you use makeup, you know that the foundation layer is the base that everything else is built upon. You have probably seen pictures of movie stars taken when they do not have makeup on and wondered how they look so good on the screen. Well, one product used to cover up serious skin flaws is Dermacol . It is actually marketed as the primer makeup for photo and video shoots. It may sound funny to make a comparison, but the primer coat that goes on a nice shiny new car is what lets the paint on top look its best. In makeup, the consumer word is “foundation” as not too many people outside of professional makeup artists would be comfortable with the word “primer” being used. However, since Dermacol is used by professionals, this is probably why the word is still used in its marketing.

What you can gain from it is a professional product that you can use at home to cover up things you consider to be flaws in your skin before any other layers of makeup go on. You can cover up acne scars and pretty much anything with Dermacol. It will cover depigmentation, birth marks and more. Hey, if it can make a person look great on the big screen, it can make you look fabulous in daily life. Movie stars and TV personalities need to do even more to fix skin flaws with 4K Ultra-High-Definition TV broadcasts that can show every little detail of skin. Plus, think about the big screen in theaters. A pimple goes from being small to being the size of a softball on the big screen! You need good foundation to make such flaws disappear. Aging Soap Opera stars and regular folks like you and me can benefit from a pro quality makeup.