These discounted Tile Stickers stop you from losing your gadgets

It’s a terrible feeling when you realize you’ve lost something, but you can ease that stress with some handy little trackers. Tile Stickers are small enough to attach to remotes, phones, or other gadgets. You can grab a 4-pack of Tile Stickers for $20 off as part of a Cyber Monday deal.

This 4-pack of Tile Stickers includes models from 2020, so they’re using the latest tech to keep track of your items. As their name suggests, they have an adhesive back that makes them easy to attach to things like remote controls or other gadgets. You can then keep track of items with an app on iOS or Android.

If you’re within 150 feet of an item, like when you forget where your phone is or lose the remote, you can ring a tracker with the Tile app. If you’re outside of Bluetooth range, you can use the Tile app to view the most recent location of the item. You can also use the Tile app to ask others to help you find a lost item.

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With gadgets getting smaller and smaller, it’s easy to misplace them. I frequently forget where my phone is or where I placed something, and I hope I’m not alone. These trackers are a handy tool to keep track of your lost items. If you want to get even more features, you can subscribe to a Premium or Premium Protect plan from Tile.

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