• Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

Top Five Website Content Mistakes You Might Be Making

Website content is almost as important to your website as the product you are selling, and if you are a good business owner you will focus more on your product. So if you do your own website content, chances are you have made some mistakes that could have an effect on your sales potential.

The first website content mistake that website owners make on their ecommerce or business webpages is having errors. Not everyone will click away from your website over a simple grammatical or spelling error here or there. In fact, it might not have that strong of an affect on your business if you mistake one word for a similar word. If you did not notice that the last statement should have used 'effect' instead of 'affect, then you are one in a large percentage of' speedreaders. '

Yes, the point was made but there is still a smaller percentage that would automatically doubt my credibility over such a common error.

The second website content mistake evolves product descriptions. It is possible to be too descriptive, just as it is possible to be too under descriptive. It should only take one or two short statements to accurately describe a single product, and using excess adjectives can come across as cluttered. At the same time, a picture is not always enough to tell a potential customer what they need to know. Relay your message effectively, and you will achieve the desired results.

The third website content mistake you may be making is your homepage content. This is one of the most important pages of your website, because this is what someone will see when they directly type in your webpage address, or follow a direct link to your website.

It is important to have a clear message on your website homepage. Who you are, why your products are needed, and why you are better than your competitors. You do not need to go into a full lecture about your company history (that's for the 'About Us' page, if somebody is really that interested.) You can mention how long you have been in your business, but do not get carried away.

Using multiple breaks, subheadings, tables, and bulleted lists is a great way to section off important points. It's also easy to get carried away here and then your website can be just as intimidating as a homepage full of lengthy, runny, messy website content that rambles on and on. Both can be just as damaging, believe it or not!

The fourth website content mistake you might be making is the inclusion of keywords related to your business. It's no secret that the use of specific keywords and phrases have a positive effect on your SEO. However, this is also something that should be done carefully. It's easy to take away from the quality of your website content if you overdo it on the self serving ingredients.

Finally, the fifth website content mistake you might be making, that could reduce your sales potential, is by choosing you create your own website content. Hiring a professional website content writer is a wise investment, and the results will pay out in the end!