Top Reason To Buy A Website

If you have ever tried to start a new website in a new niche, you know that in order to start getting traffic to your site you have a long road ahead. You will need to do keyword research, review the competition, decide on a niche, register the domain, come up with a site concept, design the graphics, write optimized content, code the site, test, setup an autoresponder, develop a autoresponder messages , start writing articles, a blog, develop a link building strategy, run a pay-per-click program, purchase text links, submit to directories and then wait. All this work just to get no traffic or sales yet.

There is to be a better way, you search your keyphrases to see if you are showing up yet and you see the same sites over and over, but you do not see yours in the top 30-50 result. Since your site is brand new to all search engines, you have a long wait to really start showing up in search engines.

Now you have a website with no traffic, no sales, and a lot of you time put in to promoting a site that is not showing you a return. This is where tons of people start to get frustrated and think about giving up. I would too !!! You put all this time and energy into research, designing and developing just to have a long road ahead.

Realize that there are people just like you that have started long before you and have stayed in the game long enough to start seeing some results. They are showing up for the key phrases you want and have a small income. Here is something you probably do not realize, they may be tired and beat down. Tons of hard work and now they are seeing meager profits, just another disappointment.

Here is where you step in with the vision to take that site to a new level, your fresh perspective and new energy can easily take a site with little profits and triple, quadruple or maybe quintuple profits! You just need to convince them to sell or to find people that are looking to sell their site.

If they are making money, why would they sell?

Excellent question! Many people are just to frustrated and see selling as a way to cash in on their hard work. It is really a win / win situation, you break into a niche without the frustration of a startup site, and the seller gets paid for their hard work.

You suddenly jump to a level where you already have traffic to the site, you are making some money and you just have to improve the site. Carry the momentum that has already been building and keep it moving forward.

It is much easier to push a car with no gas once it is already rolling, than it is to push it from a dead stop.