Trump Campaign Lawyer Marc Scaringi’s Website Admits Biden Won the Election

A website for the law practice of an attorney representing the Trump campaign in its battle to somehow reverse the president’s defeat in Pennsylvania admits that “Joe Biden has successfully claimed the role of the 46th president of the United States.”

The website for Scaringi Law, a Harrisburg practice Trump campaign attorney Marc Scaringi co-founded with his wife, refers to Biden as the president-elect in an un-authored post about how the Democrat’s “plan could affect your taxes.” The Republican lawyer, a Trump delegate to the 2016 RNC, took over the campaign’s ballot case in the Keystone State after three other attorneys—Linda Kerns, John Scott, and Douglas Bryan Hughes—withdrew from it Monday evening. “The race to the date of certification in several of these key states, including Pennsylvania, is on, and it’s up to the Trump lawyers to get some good results in these lawsuits to try to flip the vote count,” Scaringi said on his iHeartRadio show last Saturday.

Last week, lawyers from another firm, Porter Wright, stepped down from the case. The wobbly lawsuit is intended to stop the certification of election results in Pennsylvania, claiming it was unfair that voters in some Democratic-leaning counties were allowed to fix ballot mistakes. There is no evidence that even if it were successful, it would come close to reversing Biden’s nearly 70,000 vote margin in the state.

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