Types of Popular Ecommerce Business Today

The modern life has brought technology into our daily life routine and activity; reshaping the face of the world today. The great change you can obviously see from the spreading internet and its ease access is on the marketing world. Ecommerce business has been one of the most spreading businesses nowadays. Commercial websites, online shops on the social media accounts are flooding your page as you open your gadget. If you consider becoming an Ecommerce doer, you need to create an excellent and attractive website to attract visitors. And you can ask help from Ecommerce website developer Gold Coast to help you do that. 

Web Developer who is expert will give just exactly what you need to start this business. But, before you go any further, there are several types of Ecommerce business you should know.

  1. Ecommerce with Classified Ads

This is the simplest type of Ecommerce business.  You do not involve directly to the selling activity, but you are the broker between the seller and the costumers. The seller can sell their products anytime they want to and the ecommerce business doer can get the benefit from the ads displayed on his websites. Example Ecommerce with Classified Ads website is Gumtree.com.au.

  1. Marketplace

Not only helping to promote the products, the Ecommerce doers also give service for the online money transaction. The sellers will receive the money once the buyer gets the products. The money will be saved by the third party when the product is on the delivery process. If the transaction fails, or there’s a problem with the products, the money will be returned to the buyer. Example of market place website is Catch.com.au.

  1. Online shop B2C

Here, the Ecommerce business owner sells his own products online. Therefore, he has to take care of everything, from the domain, the websites, and the transaction, by himself or his team.  However, there are two main advantages if you take this type of Ecommerce business to do: you get full benefit from every purchased item and you have your own freedom to determine the taste of your own business. Example of online shop B2C website is Australiathegift.com.au.

Starting an online business is challenging. With the knowledge and the help from the expert, you can create a good business which may sustain for a long time in the future. The attractive websites that you create may become one important key of the success of your online business.