Unique Design is the Key to Success

The web is like a galaxy with millions of websites swirling around cyberspace. However, it's only the stars that shine the brightest that attract the interest of the viewers. If you want your website to sparkle, it's important that you take the right approach.

The Crucial 10 Seconds

Visitors to your website decide within the first ten seconds whether or not to proceed further into your website. To their 'website weary' eyes, anything that looks common or boring is a sure sign to click away and shift to another site. A unique design that will showcase your products or services attractively, along with compelling copy, is the key to success.

Branding Your Website through Unique Design

Unique design can help you build your website into a successful brand that dominates your niche. From the hundreds of brands around you; observe the websites or products of the most successful brands closely and you will find that each of them has distinct positive qualities. Would not you like the same for your website?

How to Start Branding

Most brands are highlighted through specific elements like a logo with tag line (slogan). They also have specific colors associated with them – say the white and blue of Dove soap. Bring branding into your website through using a unique design that will associate with your niche, and include various design elements such as the logo, colors and so on.

Keeping the Branding Fire Burning

Once you have started your branding efforts, it's important to reserve its uniqueness in every form of communication that you undertake. For instance, design elements associated with your product, such as logos, must be continued in everything from letters to banners ads, and all types of online or offline marketing.

Helping You Build Relationships

This kind of branding allows you to associate better with your customers and build lasting relationships. Every time you communicate, the recall value built through standardizing your brand communication creates familiarity and forges a strong bond. Use newsletters and emails to keep in touch with your customers regularly.

Advantages of Branding

Once you have a successful brand built primarily through unique design and content, you can move on to bigger things. You gain customer confidence easily and get repeat orders. Over a period of time brands gain great value as their reputation alone influences existing and new customers to buy.

Avoid Diluting the Brand

Once you have selected your niche brand, say for instance trendy T-shirts for teenagers, do not shift from this focus to anything else. It might be tempting after tasting a little success, to extend the line to say, T-shirts for women. Apart from diluting the 'teenager' brand, this will destroy the uniqueness of your website. If you need to expand, create another unique website for a different line which has its own unique brand.

Win With Unique Design

Make your mark in the world of online business by projecting a powerful identity through unique design. A little bit of planning can go a long way in making your business as successful as you want it to be.