What Makes An Effective Website?

Every Web site should be built with its purpose in mind. How well a web site fulfills its purpose is influenced by several factors as will be considered in this article.

Firstly, does it load quickly? Remember that many potential visitors may not have the same connection speed available to others. If, for instance, a Web user is forced to wait several minutes for a large graphic to load, they will very likely move on to another site. These visual effects, although important in boosting visual appeal, must be used judiciously.

There are numerous fast loading visual alternatives available like skinny horizontal graphics rather than the ones that occupy a lot of vertical space. There are places available on the internet to check the site load time.

A Web site must deliver what it promises. It is essential that the keywords of a Web site be justified. When a visitor to a site expects to be satisfied with something and is finding that the Web site's content is very different, annoyance and breakout of trust naturally follows. Not a great way to start.

If misunderstandings do occur or questions arise, the user will want to know how to contact the company that the Website belongs to. By displaying contact information and location, not only is the visitor assured that the site actually belongs to the company, but the people who prefer email or postal mail etc are also catered for.

The text written on the Web site should also appeal to the visitor. Yes, the language used on a Web site is also a powerful tool. The use of "you" and "your" frequently, will add a sense of personality to the delivery of the message to the customer. They will know that their needs are
priority. Also, the purpose of the Web site should always be reflected in the words used. Concise, direct language will help the user to focus on what is on offer rather than become confused by irrelevance.

Because of the abundance and ease at which users browse the internet, the freshness of a web site can not be underestimated. An updated site will help to ensure that a returning visitor does not become bored and escape to a more appealing exciting page.

Finally, the integration of some form of user interaction into a Web site is also a key factor in its success since this is a great medium by which users can contact the owner of the Web site. Indeed, e-mails, fill out forms and various methods of user feedback will keep visitors only a few clicks away and they will be encouraged by your great service.

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