When You Do Not Need To Buy A Textbook

There are a few times during your course of study that you will not be required to purchase a textbook. Typically, this occurs once you exit from Secondary School in Singapore. Once you enter your JC or Poly life, you find that lecture notes are typically the norm and textbooks are a supplement.

So, do you need to buy every single textbook that is recommended? More often than not, each single textbook costs around half a hundred dollars! What you need to do is to decide which textbook you need to buy.

How do you decide what to buy?

1. Whether the subject matter is new to you

If you are taking a totally new subject like Econs, sometimes you would like to get a textbook for it since you will be studying new basics and theories and you should need more help. However, it being new may not require you to buy a textbook because:

2. Whether the subject is difficult to you

If you feel that the new subject is easy to forgive and you do not need another textbook to gain a clear picture, then you do not need to purchase a textbook for it at all. If, on the other hand, you feel that the subject is tough, then buy it.

3. It depends on the subject too

For subjects like mathematics, you may not need a textbook. All you need for math is your lecture notes (more often than not they are already concise), and you need more practice. Math is a subject that you canpsum better when you practice more, instead of reading more. Thus, subjects that are not exactly readable should not require a textbook.

4. If you need it next time

Certain subjects, like C / C ++ (programming languages) may be useful in your workplace once you finish your studies. So, you may want to get a textbook to keep so that you can refer to them when you get stuck!

So, after reading these 4 tips, I hope you get a great insight on what to consider before buying a textbook!