Who Are the People Making Money With Internet Marketing?

Sometimes I wonder: who are the people making money with Internet marketing? The answer to that question is pretty obvious if you've spent any amount of time researching different opportunities on the Internet. The people who are making money with Internet marketing are those who are directly involved in teaching Internet marketing to other people. Now to be fair, there are some exceptions.

Actually, depending on how you define what I've just said the vast majority of people on the Internet are actually making money in niche markets. But when we talk about the so-called Internet marketing niche what we're really talking about is this little industry in which we all basically talk about making money on the Internet but never really do anything to make money on the Internet away from trying to teach other people how to make money online. Now if that sounds a little bit redundant and confusing, it is.

The people who are generating sales online are generally those who are taking action. What I mean by that is simple. You can read a bunch of e-books and visit a lot of marketing forums and become incredibly intelligent as it relates to the Internet marketing industry. But unless you're actively doing something with all of that knowledge is then you're not able to make any money.

So here's a secret that you need to keep in mind if you want to be one of the people earning money in this industry – start doing something. It does not matter what you do so long as you're actually doing something that has the potential to grow your business.